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Rubbing Alcohol for a Hand SanitizerInstead of buying bottle after bottle of hand sanitizer which can go fast with a lot of kids, I save old spray bottles that give a mist like hair spray pump bottles. I refill them with rubbing alcohol.



Removing Eye Makeup Stains from FabricThis is a page about removing eye makeup stains from fabric. Eye makeup can leave messy stains on clothing and linens.


fresh picked blueberries

Removing Blueberry Stains From ClothingThis page is about removing blueberry stains from clothing. After you enjoy the berries, cleaning stains from your clothes can be a challenge.


Cream colored roller blinds.

Removing Dried Paint from Roller BlindsIf your blinds are left in place when painting it is possible to accidentally drip paint on them. This is a page about removing dried paint from roller blinds.


Woman Pulling up Baby Wipe from Container

Turn Baby Wipes Into Sanitizing WipesThis is a page about turning baby wipes into sanitizing wipes. Normal baby wipes do not have sanitizing ingredients. Adding alcohol to your container of baby wipes, turns them into sanitizing wipes.


Rodent Trap

Rodent Odor in Walls and VentsOnce mice have been in residence in a house they can die in the walls and heating system, making them difficult to find. This page is about rodent odor in walls and vents.


Large area rug.

Cleaning a Large Area RugThere are many methods for cleaning a large area rug, from steam cleaning, to power washing. Learn how to clean an area rug in this page.


An old suitcase sitting open.

Removing Odors From a SuitcaseSuitcases spend a lot of time stored away until they are needed for your next trip. Sometimes the storage conditions are perfect for the growth mold, mildew, and bacteria. This is a page about removing odors from a suitcase.


Pressure washing concrete pavers.

Getting Rid of Moss and Algae on ConcreteMoss growth can be a problem in shady areas. This page is about getting rid of moss and algae on concrete.


Mold on Walls

How to Clean Mold on Painted Walls and CeilingBathrooms and other humid areas can begin to grow mold on the walls and ceilings. This is a page about removing mold from painted walls and ceiling.


Person wearing pink rubber gloves cleaning a toilet with a sponge and a brush.

Removing Toilet Bowl StainsWhatever kind of stains you may have in your porcelain toilet bowl, they can be difficult to remove. This page is about removing toilet bowl stains.


Black mold on a bathroom ceiling.

How Do I Remove Black Mold on the Ceiling?This is a page about removing black mold on the ceiling. Black mold can be difficult to get rid of anywhere in the home, but the ceiling can be one of the most challenging.



Hand wiping white residue off wooden floor

Cleaning Haze on Hardwood FloorsThis is a page about cleaning haze on hardwood floors. Some wood floor cleaning products can leave an unsightly haze on your floors.


Removing Melted Crayon from Dried Clothes, Man removing clothes from the dryer.

Cleaning Melted Crayon from Dried ClothesReaching into the dryer to remove your laundry only to discover the violet crayon is now decorating your clean clothing is frustrating. This is a page about cleaning melted crayon from dried clothes.


Removing Cigarette Smoke Odors from a CarCigarette smoke permeates many materials of a car's interior, making it a challenge to remove the smell. This page is about removing cigarette smoke odor from a car.


Mold from Growing on House Siding

Keeping Mold from Growing on House SidingHumid climates and natural disasters can lead to mold growth on the siding of your home. This is a page about keeping mold from growing on house siding.


Mold on Floor

Can Mold Grow Under Laminate Flooring on a Concrete Foundation?If moisture gets between your laminate floors and the concrete underneath, it can be easy for mold to grow. This is a page about can mold grow under laminate flooring on a concrete foundation?.


Guy holding his nose because of bad odors.

Getting Rid of Mildew Odors in a HouseThere are a variety of causes for mildew odors developing in your home. Depending on the cause there are also several ways to get rid of this unpleasant smell. This is a page about getting rid of mildew odors in a house.


Antique Dolls

Removing Musty Smells from DollsThis is a page about removing musty smells from dolls . Improper storage can give dolls a moldy odor that can be challenging to remove.


Unmade bed with rumpled white sheets

Removing Odors From a MattressThis is a page about removing odors from a mattress. Through normal usage a mattress can develop noticeable unpleasant odors.


A stain above the water line in a toilet.

Removing Stains Above Toilet Water LineTo remove stains above the water line in a toilet there are a couple of good methods to try. Using a pumice stone may work. Also, shut off the water and fill the bowl to just below the rim and add a cleaner or vinegar, soak, and then scrub. This is a page about removing stains above the toilet water line.


beautiful wood floors

Removing Scuff Marks from Hardwood FloorsThis page is about removing scuff marks from hardwood floors. Certain shoes can leave black marks on your floors.


Cleaning Smoke Stains from Walls

Cleaning Smoke Off WallsKitchen fires, candles and other occurrences can leave smoke residue on your walls. This is a page about cleaning smoke off walls.


White Heat Stain on Wood Table

Removing White Heat Stains from a Wood TableWhether it's from a pizza box, a coffee cup or some other hot item, heat stains on a wood table can be difficult to remove. This is a page about removing heat stains from a wood table.


Rug on a kitchen floor.

Removing Rug Backing Stuck to a FloorThis page is about removing rug backing stuck to a floor. Moisture and heat can cause a rubber backed rug to stick to a floor.


Removing Smoke Odor After a House FireSmoke damage can be very difficult to remove even from a small house or kitchen fire. This is a page about removing smoke odors after a house fire.


Dog getting in trouble for pee on carpet.

Cleaning Urine Odors from CarpetWith the proper method you can get your carpets looking and smelling just like new. This is a page about cleaning urine odors from carpet. Urine odors in carpets can be difficult to remove.



Two pairs of men's boxer briefs in the colors white and red hanging on a clothesline

Cleaning Feces Stains on UnderwearThere are a number of ways to successfully remove feces stains on underwear. This is a page about cleaning feces stains on underwear.



Preventing Mineral Deposits in a ToiletMineral deposits in the toilet not only create an unsightly ring in the bowl, they can also cause problems if they disrupt normal flow of water into and out of the tank. This is a page about preventing mineral deposits in a toilet.


Cleaning Tile Floors, Textured blue floor tile.

Cleaning Textured FlooringThis is a page about cleaning textured flooring. Textured floor tile and flooring presents its own cleaning challenges. The textured surface collects dirt and makes it difficult to remove. This type of flooring can be cleaned with a little extra effort.


Cleaning Stain From Countertop

Removing Stains on CountertopsSpills and general use can leave stains on your countertops. This is a page about removing stains on countertops.


Cigarette Left Burning in Ashtray

Removing Cigarette Smoke Odor from LeatherCigarette smoke permeates everything in a smokers household. Removing the odor of cigarettes can be difficult, especially from anything leather. This is a page about removing cigarette smoke odor from leather.


woman holding her nose

Getting Rid of Urine OdorsIt can appear clean, but sometimes the foul smell lingers. This is a page about getting rid of urine odors.


Sofa being shampooed.

Removing Mold and Mildew From an Upholstered CouchThis is a page about removing mold or mildew from an upholstered couch. Stored furniture can develop mold or mildew on the upholstery.


A textured popcorn ceiling

Cleaning a Textured (Popcorn) CeilingWhen cleaning a popcorn ceiling, it is important to determine what the texture is composed of. This page is about cleaning a textured (popcorn) ceiling.


man servicing a semi truck

Cleaning Diesel Fuel on ConcreteThis is a page about cleaning diesel fuel on concrete. Diesel fuel spills on concrete are common in garages, workshops, and driveways.


Close up of a small hole in a grey t-shirt

Tiny Holes In ClothingThis is a page about tiny holes in clothing. Sometimes tiny unexplainable holes appear in our clothing, often near the waist. Determining the cause can help save the rest of your wardrobe.


Cigarette Smoke Odors

Removing Cigarette Smoke Odors From a...The smell of cigarette smoke is strong, pervasive, and often lingers in a home. This page is about removing cigarette smoke odors from a house.



Using Charcoal to Remove OdorsCharcoal is used to remove odors in many situations. This is a page about using charcoal to remove odors.



Removing Mothball Smell From Your HouseThe strong odor of these moth deterrers can linger in your home. This page is about removing mothball smell from your house.


Removing rust stains from a sink.

Removing Rust Stains from a SinkRusty pipes, well water, and even a crack in the porcelain on a cast iron sink can lead to rust stains. This is a page about removing rust stains from a sink.


Cleaning Nicotine Off Walls

Cleaning Nicotine (Cigarette Smoke) Off...A home occupied by smokers will collect nicotine residue on the walls and other surfaces. This is a page about cleaning nicotine (cigarette smoke) off walls.



Homemade Carpet Shampoo Recipes

Homemade Carpet Shampoo RecipesCleaning your carpets will keep them looking nice. Carpet cleaning services and even store bought shampoos can be quite expensive. You can save money by making your own carpet shampoo. This page contains homemade carpet shampoo recipes.


White toilet against blue tile floor and wall

Repairing a Toilet Scratched by a Plumber's SnakeThe use of a plumber's snake is common for removing clogs in a toilet. Unfortunately, the metal snake can leave unsightly marks in the bowl. This is a page about repairing a toilet scratched by a plumber's snake.


Artificial Flowers

Cleaning Artificial PlantsThey may not need light and water, but artificial plants do require regular cleaning to look their best. This is a page about cleaning artificial plants.


Fabric Window Blinds

Cleaning Fabric Window BlindsThis page is about cleaning fabric window blinds. Whether you have cellular, pleated or honeycomb fabric shades, cleaning them can present a challenge.


Kitchen Countertop

Removing Super Glue from Kitchen CountertopSuper Glue sticks to most anything and it's certainly no fun to come across a hardened drop of it on your countertop. Thankfully there are simple solutions for removing it. This is a page about removing Super Glue from kitchen countertop.


A woman holding her nose.

Locating the Source of a Foul Smell in HouseIt is not always easy to determine where a bad smell is coming from in your home. This page is about locating the source of a foul smell in the house.


Wool Sweater

Removing Stains From Wool ClothingBecause many wool clothing items are "dry clean only" we may be dismayed when they get a stain. Some stains can be removed easily at home if treated properly. This is a page about removing stains from wool clothing.


paper money clothes pinned on line to dry

Cleaning Moldy Smelling Dollar BillsThis is a page about cleaning moldy smelling dollar bills. When money gets wet and not dried properly, it can smell bad from mildew and mold.


A woman wearing a soft gray sweatshirt.

Making Sweatshirts Soft AgainOver time and with repeated washing and drying the inside of your sweatshirt can become less soft and comfy. This is a page about making sweatshirts soft again.


cleaning walls

Removing Soot from Walls and CeilingSoot can be deposited on walls from smoke or even a poorly trimmed candle wick. This is a page about removing soot from walls.


Stainless steel pan.

Cleaning Melted Plastic Off a PanThis is a page about cleaning melted plastic off a pan. Accidents happen and having plastic wrap or containers come in contact with your hot pan is not that unusual.


Candle wax dripping down side of container onto wood table.

Cleaning Candle Wax from Wood FurnitureRemoving wax from tables, shelves, and bookcases can be difficult and costly, but must be done correctly to avoid damaging wood surfaces. This is a page about cleaning candle wax from wood furniture.


Basement brick wall and window edge.

Getting Rid of a Musty Smell in the BasementBasements are notorious for developing musty smells. This is a page about getting rid of a musty smell in the basement.


A and oven and range with mouse odor problems.

Cleaning Mouse Urine Odor From a Range and OvenThis is a page about cleaning mouse urine odor from a range and oven. To your horror, that odd odor in the kitchen is the result of a mouse exploring your stove.


A pair of tan suede boots.

How to Remove Salt Stains From Suede BootsWhen the sidewalks are icy and salt gets put down, it's easy to get salt stains on suede boots. This is a page about cleaning salt stains from suede boots.


Red on a shirt transferred to the white.

Removing Dye Transfers from ClothingOne of the more frustrating and difficult clothing stains you can encounter is dye transfer. This is a page about removing dye transfer stains from clothing.


Swiffer Wet Jet

Changing the Batteries on a Swiffer Wet JetYou are not alone if you have been frustrated when trying to change the batteries in your Swiffer Wet Jet. This is a page about changing the batteries on a Swiffer Wet Jet.


Painted Chinese furniture.

Cleaning Painted Wood FurnitureThis is a page about cleaning painted wood furniture. Painted furniture adds a colorful touch to your decor. However, when cleaning you want to be sure not to damage to painted finish.



Cleaning a Refrigerator GasketHaving clean gaskets help your door to seal better. This page is about cleaning a refrigerator gasket.


older mobile home

Identifying and Eliminating Odor in Mobile HomeThis is a page about identifying and eliminating odor in mobile home. Excess moisture, pets and pests can create troublesome smells in a mobile home.


Cleaning Urine Off Grout

Cleaning Urine Off GroutIf left too long urine can stain grout and will smell bad as well. This is a page about cleaning urine off grout.


cleaning products on a floor

Cleaning Pet Urine Odors on FloorsThe are several ways to remove pet urine odors from your tile, laminate, hardwood, and resilient floors. This is a page about cleaning pet urine odors on floors.


Shampooing a sofa.

Removing Urine Odors from a CouchRemoving urine odors from upholstered furniture can be difficult. This is a page about removing urine odors from a couch.


Odors from cooking food.

Removing Cooking Odors From Your HomeDelicious and flavorful foods like fish or curry can often cause lingering odors in the kitchen. This page is about removing cooking odors from your home.


cleaning silicone spray from tiles

Removing Silicone SprayThis is a page about removing silicone spray. Removing silicone spray from surfaces is easy enough if you use the right products.


Luxury bathroom with jetted tub.

Cleaning Bath Tub JetsJust cleaning the surface of your jetted tub is not enough. To ensure that your next bath is enjoyable, the jets themselves must be cleaned regularly to remove the bacteria and mold that can grow inside. This is a page about cleaning bath tub jets.


Rust stains around tub faucet.

Cleaning Well Water Stains from a BathtubThis is a page about cleaning well water stains from a bathtub. Minerals from well water can leave stains that are tough to remove. Removing them as they occur will help keep them from building up.


Antique Wood Furniture with Sticky Film

Cleaning Wood Furniture With a Sticky FilmThis is a page about cleaning wood furniture with a sticky film. A sticky film can build up on your wood furniture from a variety of sources: smoke, cooking grease, furniture polish, little sticky fingers, etc. The break down of older finishes can also result in a sticky surface.


Cleaning a leather purse with ink on it.

How to Remove Ink from LeatherWhether its a jacket, purse, or other item, ink stains on leather can ruin an items appearance. It is important to not further damage the leather when trying to remove the ink. This is a page about removing ink from leather.


Someone scrubbing a bathtub.

Removing Rust Stains from a BathtubRust stains can get on your tub either from old plumbing or from metal objects left sitting around the edge. These stains can be removed from your tub by using the proper cleaning products. This is a page about removing rust stains from a bathtub.


photo of brown leather couch

Removing Pen from Leather FurnitureLeather furniture is an expensive investment. It is important to not damage the leather when trying to remove pen ink from your furniture. This is a page about removing pen from leather furniture.


Woman Cleaning Bathtub

Cleaning a Fiberglass TubWhen cleaning your fiberglass tub, it is important to not scratch the surface. Finding the right cleaning methods will help you keep your tub looking nice. This is a page about cleaning a fiberglass tub.


woman cleaning the outside of a refrigerator

Cleaning the Outside of a RefrigeratorThis is a page about cleaning the outside of a refrigerator. The exterior of your fridge can get pretty dirty from constant use.


Old couch that smells like mothballs.

Removing Mothball Smell from FurnitureThis is a page about removing mothball smell from furniture. Removing the strong odor of mothballs from drawers, trunks, and other furniture can be frustrating.


cat on a tile floor

Cleaning Pet Urine Stains and Odors...Removing urine stains and odors from flooring can be a challenge. This page is about cleaning pet urine stains and odors from a tile floor.


Cleaning a Smooth Cooktop Range

Cleaning Melted Plastic From a Smooth Cooktop...Accidents happen and sometimes plastic containers or packaging are placed on hot smooth top ranges. This is a page about cleaning melted plastic from a smooth cooktop range.


Woman cleaning greasy frying pan.

Removing Sticky Grease Residue from PansSticky residue on pots, pans, and baking trays may result from grease buildup. This page offers suggestions to clean the sticky grease residue from cookware.


Cute grey and white kitten sitting on a couch.

Removing Cat Urine Odor from a CouchCat urine odor is strong and sometimes difficult to remove from upholstered furniture. This is a page about removing cat urine odor from a couch.


Freezer full of frozen bags of food.

Cleaning a Smelly FreezerThis is a page about cleaning a smelly freezer. Cleaning the stench out of a freezer can be difficult especially if you have a lot of built up ice. With these tips you will have your freezer smelling fresh again.


Assorted plastic cosmetic bottles.

Removing Labels from Plastic ContainersYou have a perfect reusable container if you can easily get that label off. This is a page about removing labels from plastic containers.


Young woman dyeing her hair.

Removing Hair Dye from WoodThis is a page about removing hair dye from wood. Dyeing your hair at home can save you a lot of money. However, sometimes there are accidents. A common unexpected outcome of the home dye job is stains on the woodwork or cabinetry.


A wool rug laying on the floor.

Removing Musty Smell From Wool RugsThis is a page about removing musty smell from wool rugs. Special care needs to be used when cleaning odors from your wool rugs.


cleaning a laminate floor

Cleaning of Footprints on Laminate FloorThis is a page about cleaning footprints on laminate floor. Hard surface floors such as wood, tile, and laminate can show water spots, foot prints, and the like on your flooring. Using the right cleaner will remove footprints and other smudges on your flooring.


A badly burned stainless steel pan

Cleaning Stainless Steel CookwareDaily use can leave your shiny stainless steel cookware discolored or burnt. This is a page about cleaning stainless steel cookware.


Vinegar Bottle

Removing Vinegar Smell from CarpetThis is a page about removing vinegar smell from carpet. You used vinegar to remove a stubborn odor from the carpet only to have a problem now getting rid of the vinegar smell.


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House Smells StaleMy home never smells good, 1800sq ft. I use 3 Airwick Freshmatics, 3 oil diffusers (3 pack from Walmart). I apply Carpet Fresh weekly and steam clean monthly. All that and my house is clean.



Removing Mold and Mildew From CurtainsThis page is about removing mold and mildew from curtains. A difficult stain can develop when window coverings come in contact with moisture from condensation.


Coiled silver bead necklace with large silver ball.

Cleaning Silver JewelrySilver jewelry is very beautiful and complements your attire, whether formal or jeans casual. However, silver has a dark side, tarnish. This is a page about cleaning silver jewelry.


young man using hairspray in front of mirror

Cleaning Hairspray Off Bathroom SurfacesHairspray is great for keeping your hair in place. However, it is very sticky and can be difficult to remove from surfaces it lands on. This is a page about cleaning hairspray off bathroom surfaces.


A white powder on a spoon, either baking soda or baking powder.

Can I Use Baking Powder Instead of Baking Soda for Cleaning?Since baking powder contains baking soda, it could be substituted when cleaning. It is however more expensive, so not a good regular alternative. This is a page about, "Can I use baking powder instead of baking soda for cleaning?".


Rusty muffin pan.

Removing Rust from Baking PansHave your favorite baking pans started to develop rusty spots? This happens to older, well used pans. Rather than throw it away you may want to try cleaning it. This is a page about removing rust from baking pans.


A woman looking at her stained clothing.

Cleaning Rust Stains From My Washing MachineIt is very frustrating to take a load of clean wash out of the washer only to discover new rust stains from the machine itself on your laundry. This is a page about cleaning rust stains from my washing machine.


Shower Power Cleaner

Buying Shower Power CleanerThis is a page about buying Shower Power cleaner. Shower Power cleaner is a popular cleaner for removing soap scum in your shower. Find where to buy Shower Power near you.


Stain Remover

Stain Remover for Set-In StainsSet-in stains can be very difficult to remove. This page contains suggestions for removing these tough stains.


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Motor Grease Stains in BathtubMy husband is a mechanic and gets very greasy at times. When he showers the tub gets so nasty and I clean it constantly. However, I still have black places in the tub from grease and oil stains. I have tried a number of things but just can't figure it out.


Photo of a man painting his house.

Removing Paint Stains from ClothingPaint stains can be difficult to remove, especially if they are allowed to dry. Depending on the type of paint stain, you will want to use different stain removal methods. This is a page about removing paint stains from clothing.


Kitchen With Vinyl Flooring

Restoring Shine to Vinyl FlooringThis is a page about restoring shine to vinyl flooring. Over time the shine on your vinyl flooring can get dull.


Christening Gown

Cleaning an Old Christening GownChristening gowns are often used for several generations. However, over time they may yellow with age. This is a page has advice about how to clean an old christening gown.


Photo of a woman holding her nose in front of her refrigerator.

Removing Spoiled Food Odors from RefrigeratorThere's nothing worse than opening your refrigerator and smelling spoiled food. Even after the food is removed sometimes the smell still remains. This is a page about removing spoiled food odors from your refrigerator.


Using a pressure sprayer to clean paint off a driveway.

How to Clean Spray Paint Off a DrivewayIs there anything that will take spray paint off a driveway? This is a page about cleaning spray paint off a driveway.


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DIY Counter Cleaner - spray bottle and supplies

DIY Counter CleanerAt one point I started making my own kitchen/all purpose cleaner becuase I wanted to save money and use simpler ingredients.


Cleaning a Bedroom By Yourself - vacuumed carpet where dresser was

Cleaning a Bedroom By YourselfSometimes, I like tackling a job by myself and the other day, I decided to clean the master bedroom. This is the dustiest room in the house. I guess it's from fanning the covers and the bed is where I fold clothes.


Two marked laundry hampers.

Sort Laundry As You GoSo as to run full loads only in my washing machine, which is most efficient, I keep 2 popup hampers in my bathroom closet. One has a little hanging tag marked "Lights", and the other "Darks". As I take off my clothes, they are put into the appropriate hamper. When one is full, I do a load of laundry.


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Save Money On Toilet Bowl CleanerIn a recent post, I gave Dollar Tree's brand of household bleach a thumbs down. I'm back with a thumbs up for another of their products, toilet bowl cleaner.


Removing Sticky Adhesive Residue from Plastic - container with water inside

Removing Sticky Adhesive Residue from PlasticFill a container with pretty warm water (as hot as you can without it distorting the plastic container of course) and let it sit 5 minutes. This heats up the adhesive on the outside of the container. Don't get the outside (where the glue is) wet though. Dump out the water (still keeping the outside dry) and generously wipe the gluey spot with a paper towel soaked in vegetable oil.


Prevent Mold and Mildew on Shower Curtain Liners - liner clipped to the side wall of the shower

Prevent Mold and Mildew on Shower Curtain LinersIf you have a shower curtain or liner that comes in contact with the side of your shower stall or tub while it dries, you have probably noticed that where it makes contact is where you see mold and mildew. That's because it's not drying fast enough to keep those nasty critters at bay.


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Someone laying down roofing tar paper.

Removing Roof Tar from Skin with Olive OilRoof tar and other sticky substances can be gently removed from skin by using regular olive oil from the kitchen. Learn how to do it in this short video.


Sanitize With Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide

Sanitize With Vinegar and Hydrogen PeroxideThis green cleaning method is a great way to sanitize those yucky places in your home. Check out this video and learn how easy it is to clean green.


Removing Burnt Oil From a Frying Pan

Removing Burnt Oil From a Frying PanIf you are having a hard time getting burnt oil off a frying pan, try this simple tip. This method will get your pan looking like new in no time!


Dishwasher cubes on a white background.

Dishwasher CubesInstead of buying expensive and caustic dishwasher detergent, make your own version with simple ingredients and an ice cube tray. It will save you money and peace of mind. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Mason Jar Air Freshener

Making a Mason Jar Air FreshenerThis short video shows you how to make an air freshener with just a few simple ingredients.


A bottle of vinegar and a white cleaning pad over a shirt with a sticker mark.

White Vinegar for Removing Sticker Residue from ClothingStickers are a fun way to decorate a t-shirt or jacket for a short time but they can leave a sticky residue if they are not quickly removed. Try this white vinegar technique to remove sticker marks from clothing by watching this short video.


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A father and son making a bed together.

Cleaning a BedroomDoing a deep, thorough cleaning of your bedroom may seem too big. Learn how to gather the necessary supplies and the steps to take to make this a doable annual or semi-annual task.


All Natural Leather Cleaner and Conditioner - high heel boots

All Natural Leather Cleaner and ConditionerA one to one mixture of olive or coconut oil and white vinegar make a great all natural leather cleaner and conditioner. Read more below.


Nail glue being applied to the top of a nail.

Cleaning Nail Glue From CountertopNail glue is often a cyano-acrylic glue like Crazy Glue and similar products. Try a remover made especially made for this adhesive. Test to make sure it does not damage your countertop. Other options are mentioned below.


A person in gloves cleaning a kitchen counter.

Removing Krazy Glue from a Kitchen CountertopLeaking containers or spills when crafting or making repairs can result in Krazy glue on the kitchen counter. Try the tips on this page to remove the glue.


Window Cleaning Tip For an RV - squeegee and a towel

Window Cleaning Tip For an RVIf you travel in a motorhome, camper, or travel trailers (or maybe even at your regular home as well), this might help. At night, condensation builds up on our windows. My easy clean fix is to use a squeegee to run the water down the window onto a reusable towel. Takes a few seconds to do each window.


Getting Pizza Sauce Off Your Upholstered Car Seat - spray bottle with cleaner

Getting Pizza Sauce Off Your Upholstered Car SeatIt just happened! Bringing home two pizzas and a container of extra sauce, that ended up opening and dumping onto my new, light gray upholstered car seat! AUGH!! I had even used an over the counter upholstery protection spray previously on the seats, but it didn't seem to help at all!


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Removing Makeup Stains from ClothingHow can make-up stains be removed from the necks of sweaters and turtle necks? I have tried Shout and Oxi-clean. Some of the items are all cotton, some are blends, and some are man made fabrics.


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Cleaning Cat Urine off a Bathroom WallSo apparently my cat has peed on my bathroom wall. You can only see it when a black light is on the spots; and it does not smell. I need to know how to get this off of my bathroom wall and baseboard. Please help!


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Removing Hair Dye from Painted WoodSo I accidentally got some blue hair dye on painted wood in my bathroom. It's been a few days so I'm hoping it's not permanently stained. It's a light yellow paint if that helps. I've tried using a Mr. Clean eraser and a mix of water/dish soap/baking soda. What can I use that won't ruin the pain, but lift the stain?


Cleaning Auto Wax and Grime Off of a Doll - stained doll's head

Cleaning Auto Wax and Grime Off of a DollAny suggestions for getting the car wax (from the automatic wash) and grime off a creepy girl doll? The photo shows the difference in skin tone; the lighter color is original.


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Swiffer WetJet Multi-Purpose Cleaner Leaves Floor StickyI love cleaning with the Wet Jet, but the multi purpose solution leaves a sticky residue on my ceramic tile floors. I am at a loss as to how to fix the problem short of re-mopping with plain water and a traditional mop, double work for someone with bad knees and balance issues.


Cleaning and Deodorizing Vintage Baby Shoes

Cleaning and Deodorizing Vintage Baby ShoesI'm expecting my first grandchild, a girl, in May. I saved most of my daughter's baby things and now want to give them to her as an heirloom gift for her daughter. I'm washing the clothes using a good strategy, but am stuck as to what to do with the leather baby zip and walking boots, as well as the little girl's Sunday shoes.


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